Live Match Alerts

Get live updates straight to your mobile
Our Live Match Alerts service allows you to keep up-to-date with your selected Soccer, Horse Racing and Tennis action.
Alerts are sent directly to your mobile device and you can select the type of notifications you wish to receive. These options include:
  • Soccer - Goals, Substitutions, Yellow and Red Cards, Half Time Result, Full Time Result, Penalty Awarded and Penalty Missed. Team-specific alerts can also be set for a week or the whole season.
  • Horse Racing – Race Results, Non-Runners, Race Off and Going Down.
  • Tennis - Start of Match, Final Score, Game Results and Set Results.
Once you have installed the bet365 App, please ensure you allow push notifications to your device when prompted. Navigate to the relevant coupon for the match or team that you would like to follow, then scroll down to the Live Match Alerts tab and make your selections. Alternatively, by selecting a match through the In-Play section, you can choose to receive alerts while the event is In-Play.
Make your selections safe in the knowledge that bet365 will keep you up-to-date with all the important action throughout your chosen match or tournament.