Voges admits BBL concerns

22 November 2020 23:06:23 GMTPlus11

Perth Scorchers coach Adam Voges has concerns regarding the regular Big Bash League season stretching over 14 games and says it should be reduced.

Cricket Australia have copped a fair bit of criticism since introducing new rule changes that will come in for BBL 10, but it is the length of the competition that concerns Voges the most.

Big Bash has grown in popularity, but where is was once an eight-game season, it is now up to 14, and Voges fears it could have a negative effect.

"Yeah I've got a view on this, I think the season is too long," Voges told ABC Radio. "I'd love to see it reduced a little bit and find a window where we can get the best players playing.

"That's the most important part, I think that's what makes the product, it's aimed still at families and attracting new people to the game, so if we can do that by having the best players playing, and if that means a shorter, sharper format, then I'm all for it."

As for some of the other rules to be implemented for the new campaign, Voges is happy to give them a chance before criticising.

"I'll go in with these rule changes with the glass half-full mentality and try and find a way to tactically use them to our advantage in any way that we can," he added.

"But I do worry that a game and a format of our game that targets families, targets new people, that we perhaps are complicating it a little bit.

"But look it hasn't been trialled, it hasn't been tested, we'll all be thinking on our feet, and we'll see how it goes."

The Scorchers are priced at 6.00 to win the Big Bash League.

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