Buccaneers surprisingly undefeated

18 September 2018 19:03:30 GMTPlus10

Of all the teams that have started the season 2-0, by far the biggest surprise are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who have stunned the New Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Eagles.

The Buccaneers are one of seven undefeated and untied sides in the NFL two weeks into the season, joined by Miami Dolphins, Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos and the Los Angeles Rams.

Certainly the Dolphins, Broncos and Bengals were not expected to be in such a position, but Tampa Bay looked terrible last year and is without their starting quarterback Jameis Winston, suspended for the first three games of the season.

With the Saints and the defending Super Bowl champion Eagles on the slate an 0-2 start seemed on the cards for the Buccaneers.

Instead back-up Ryan Fitzpatrick has been on fire, throwing for over 400 yards in each of the first two games and tossing four touchdowns in each.

Fitzpatrick's performance has been such that unless he has a complete meltdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night, it seems likely that the veteran, who has played for six other teams in the NFL, will continue to be the starter.

Indeed given the difference between the play of Fitzpatrick to start the season and Winston the past couple of years, this may well be the beginning of the end for the former first overall pick in the draft with the Buccaneers.

Winston's contract was front loaded with his signing bonus spread over the first four years of the contract and roster bonuses in the second, third and fourth year of the deal.

Tampa Bay picked up Winston's fifth year option earlier in the year, but it will be fascinating to see what the Buccaneers do if Fitzpatrick continues to perform.

The Buccs are now 1213.00 to win the NFC South title, with the Saints 1.001 and the Atlanta Falcons 1213.00.

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