Eagles have a solid defence

03 February 2018 02:38:13 GMTPlus11
Eagles coach Doug Pederson

If the cliché holds true that defences wins championships then the Philadelphia Eagles will fancy their chances when they face the New England Patriots.

The Eagles were fourth in the NFL in yards allowed behind the Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars and Denver Broncos and also fourth in points allowed with only the Vikings, Jaguars and Los Angeles Chargers better.

The Broncos, it is interesting to note, were 22nd overall in points allowed; a stat that implies that Denver might want to try and sign Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins in free agency and use the fifth overall pick on adding to their defense rather than looking at a signal caller.

Dig into the various statistical categories for the Philadelphia Eagles on defense and one number jumps out, the 79.2 yards per game in rushing that the NFC East Division champions allowed.

That was the best mark in the NFL this season and the best in three years.

A team can stop the run and not be successful as for example the 2014 Detroit Lions who conceded just 69.3 yards on the ground per contest and yet couldn't even win their own Division.

Defense is ultimately a balance and taking away what the opponent does best.

When it comes to New England that's Tom Brady passing and it will be curious to see if the Eagles try to focus on giving more support to their secondary than worrying about bottling up what is a fairly mediocre Patriots running game.

The Patriots are 1.44 to win the Super Bowl with the Eagles priced at 2.87.

Nick Foles is 2.45 to be the Super Bowl's MVP.

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