Rosen a long-term solution

09 May 2018 20:37:58 GMTPlus11

The Arizona Cardinals made sure they got one of the four potential franchise quarterbacks atop the 2018 NFL Draft when they traded up with the Oakland Raiders.

With Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold and Josh Allen selected first, third and seventh by the Cleveland Browns, New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills, the Cardinals made their move for Josh Rosen, considered by many as the most pro-ready of the quartet.

The former UCLA star was more than a little ticked not to be taken sooner, but will no doubt sit behind Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon on the Arizona depth chart.

That may, ultimately, turn out to be the best possible scenario for Rosen with an offensive line that is not particularly solid.

Indeed, center Mason Cole, taken in the third round out of Michigan, could find himself in the starting line up from day one.

Rosen will need some decent targets and with Larry Fitzgerald coming to the end of the line in Arizona, the Cardinals selected Christian Kirk out of Texas A & M in the second round.

Kirk is not a like for like replacement, but still Arizona needs to start addressing that side of the ball.

The Cardinals problem this year will be a simple one. The Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers are suddenly a lot better and while the Seattle Seahawks have entered a rebuild mode, they still have some ability.

From something of a laughing stock, and an easy path to the post-season, the NFC West may have become one of the toughest Divisions in all of football.

The Cardinals are  to win the NFC West title, with the 49ers  and the Seahawks .

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