BOXXER Series - The Fighters: What we know so far

14 May 2022 00:29:43 GMTPlus10

As the BOXXER Series cruiserweight edition edges closer, we take a look at what we know of the fighters thus far and what you might expect come Saturday night...

Who hits the hardest? Who has the best amatuer record? Who has done the most since turning professional?

Hardest Hitter

Despite the short format, Saturday night is primed to deliver more than the one knockout we saw in Coventry last time out for the BOXXER series.

The Cruiserweight edition fighters have 19 knockouts between them in not many more fights. Considering a majority of these fights have been 4 and 6 rounders, the fighters will all be accustomed to letting their hands go from the off.

With 2 KOs in 3 fights, Jamie Smith has got off to a flying start in the pros, already demonstrating his considerable power.

But it is his remarkable KO record in the amateurs, which suggests that he may well be the biggest puncher in the tournament. With 19 KOs in 38 (27 wins) fights, Smith has a highly impressive amatuer KO ratio at 50%. KOs are very uncommon in the amateur game and it takes a real puncher to finish a majority of their fights within the distance.

That is a good indicator that Smith has all the makings of a knockout artist at cruiserweight.

Best Amatuer

As highlighted above, Jamie Smith has a staunch record in the amateurs. But for his 27 wins, he did suffer 11 defeats.

Unlike Sheldon McDonald, who managed 8 victories without a defeat. Although admittedly being a small sample size, 7 of these victories came in the National Development Championships, which Sheldon went on to win. That is far from easy to do.

Although we haven’t seen all that much of Sheldon in the amatuer or pro game, we can be almost certain that he’ll possess a good skill set and showcase solid fundamentals.

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Best Pro Record

The most experienced of the fighters; undefeated as a pro…..Ellis Zorro has won all 11(6 KOs)  of his professional bouts to date.

Zorro has undoubtedly the best pro record of any fighter in the tournament. With 6 KOs in 11 fights, he carries some serious power and must not be overlooked.

If you were to look solely at who has performed the best in the pro ranks, then look no further than Ellis Zorro.

You can watch all the action unfold from Manchester on Saturday night, May 14th, in BOXXER's Cruiserweight Series.

Eight-fighters, one prize...Life changing opportunity.

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