Couples fears time has passed

08 October 2021 18:33:43 GMTPlus10
Fred Couples would love to lead the United States.

Fred Couples, one of Steve Stricker's right-hand men during last month's Ryder Cup triumph, would dearly love to captain the United States in the most famous team competition in golf, but fears his opportunity may have gone.

Zach Johnson, another one of Steve Stricker's vice-captains at Whistling Straits, is expected to get the nod to lead the Americans into battle in two years' time in Rome, where the defending champions are a 1.53 shot to win the match outright.

And with Phil Mickelson being lined up for the 2025 competition at Bethpage Black, it means time is running out for 62-year-old Couples to get a chance to lead his country into battle.

Would I like to be Ryder Cup captain? Of course, but that's probably not going to happen.

Fred Couples

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There was speculation that Couples might get the opportunity in Rome because of his Italian heritage - his paternal grandparents went to the US from Italy and changed their name from Coppola to Couples.

And his pedigree is beyond dispute. Couples played in five Ryder Cups, is also a three-time Presidents Cup-winning captain and was leaned on extensively by Stricker during last month's 19-9 thrashing of Europe.

Couples explains his method

And Couples, one of golf's most laid-back personalities, reveals his main strength as a captain is understanding a player's mood and body language.

"I can just see in their eye something's going on," Couples told Yahoo sports. "And it's easy. Golf is kind of secondary for me.

"I was a good player and I knew my game, but I can feel out other people's games pretty easily, I just have a knack for saying 'what's going on?' and I enjoy that.

"Would I like to be Ryder Cup captain? Of course, but that's probably not going to happen. Now I'm a little old for the system."

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