100 Thieves clash with Team One for spot in IEM New York Finals

17 October 2020 04:19:59 GMTPlus11

In what has been a stunning run of form, 100 Thieves are one series away from a Grand Final berth as they take on Team One for the Intel Extreme Masters XV - New York: North America.

100 Thieves have been able to capitalize on losing their organization by playing in an incredibly loose style that has suited their solid aimers.

Jks and jkaem are back to being an incredibly dynamic duo, helping lead 100 Thieves to a first place finish within Group B with a lone loss to Chaos Esports Club.

One wonders if a slow start could doom this squad, as they are incredibly momentum based right now given the loss of the team following this event.

With jks seemingly on the way out to Complexity, this is the last opportunity for many of the members to prove they deserve to be picked up by another org whether as a group or separately.

On the side of Team One they ended up being the third seed from Group B, losing to both 100 Thieves and Team Liquid, each 4-1 squads.

Team One has had multiple different players step up to carry a match, with b4rtiN, malbsMd, and prt also having their own time in the light.

Yet despite finding their way into a semifinal many still doubt Team One given they had a rather easy Quarterfinal draw up against New England Whalers.

A win here would both guarantee a top two finish and massively boost how many perceive this squad moving forward.

100 Thieves areĀ 1/4 to win the match-up, with Team One 11/4.

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