Astralis and Fnatic fight for spot in Upper Bracket Final

20 October 2020 21:48:55 GMTPlus11

With each picking up a clean 2-0 win in their opener of the playoffs, Astralis take on Fnatic in the second round of the Upper Bracket at the DreamHack Open Fall 2020.

This is the last official event with this lineup for Astralis, with es3tag being transferred to Cloud9 at the conclusion of these playoffs. Astralis have returned to being arguably the top team in the world, with the talent still being as abundant as ever within this squad.

Dev1ce and dupreeh remain the headline players for this squad, and this is a solid opportunity for Astralis to continue their dominant run throughout the Upper Bracket.

Fnatic have been decent thus far, with their only loss at the event coming at the hands of Team Vitality back in the Group Stage.

Fnatic have not had one specific player step up at this event, but rather the team as a whole has been able to show an increased level of performance.

KRIMZ remains arguably the most consistent of the bunch, although at times both Brollan and JW have been able to be at the top of the charts for this side.

Fnatic have been inconsistent throughout their time in the online era, but a win here over a surging Astralis would be a massive step forward compared to their recent showings.

Pressure falls on JW in his primary AWP duel against one of the strongest and most consistent players in the game in Dev1ce.

Elsewhere in the Dreamhack Open Fall playoffs, Heroic are 1/4 to get the better of North, who are 11/4.

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