Battle of new look sides as Complexity take on FaZe Clan

30 October 2020 22:53:35 GMTPlus11

After each pushed strong opposition to a full three map series, Complexity take on FaZe Clan in the Lower Bracket Round One of the BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Regular Season.

For Complexity they ended up falling to Team Vitality despite the best efforts of in-game leader blameF who had a +20 k/d despite the eventual series loss.

This team is still loaded with talent although it will take time to integrate jks into the squad after his prolonged stint with the same core of players before this team.

K0nfig will be looked upon as a player that will need to step up in this series, going against one of the strong points of FaZe in Broky in the head to head AWP battle.

For FaZe, despite losing their star player in NiKo, they were able to put up a solid fight against BIG, one of the more dominant teams throughout the online era.

Although not playing in the pro scene for a while olofmeister made an immediate impact on the squad, only at a -5 k/d despite the prolonged absence.

Unsurprisingly in NiKo's absence coldzera was the clear star performer of this squad, with much of the team focused around his play moving forward.

Obviously neither of these teams wants to start off their new five man rosters with a last place finish, but with each sporting a new lineup, it would be rather understandable given the circumstances.

Complexity areĀ 4/11 to win Friday's match-up, with FaZe Clan 2/1.

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