BIG and Vitality clash in Upper Bracket at DreamHack

21 October 2020 20:47:33 GMTPlus11

Some of the strongest teams during the online era go head to head as BIG take on Team Vitality in the Upper Bracket Round 2 of the DreamHack Open Fall 2020.

BIG have come out as arguably the largest success from this online era, surging up the rankings and truly making a name for themselves with this specific five man lineup.

BIG not only went undefeated in Group C, but with a win over a strong G2 side, BIG have proven to be one of the best teams at this event.

Much of the success of this squad is based off the pairing of XANTARES and tabseN, but players such as syrsoN have also found their own run of form. This is yet another chance for BIG to make a deep run in an online event with the potential of being one of the best teams of 2020.

On the side of Team Vitality, they too went undefeated in their group, with a 2-0 record in Group A featuring wins over both mousesports and Fnatic.

Obviously, any discussion of Team Vitality begins with their superstar in ZywOo, who remains one of the best players in the world with his absurd consistency at the highest level.

The best news for Team Vitality going into this matchup was in their win over Ninjas In Pyjamas in the Group Stage, shox had a stand out performance.

This has always been the key for true prolonged success for Vitality, as a two-headed monster of shox and ZywOo would make this squad feel all but unstoppable.

BIG are 11/10 to win and 4/6 to lose against Team Vitality.

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