FURIA face Liquid in IEM New York Quarters

15 October 2020 04:34:15 GMTPlus11

After falling in stunning fashion to the New England Whalers, FURIA have a tough matchup against one of their rivals in Team Liquid in the quarter-finals of the Intel Extreme Masters XV - New York Online: North America.

FURIA appeared to have the number one seed from Group A all but wrapped up, but an unconventional 0-2 loss to New England Whalers knocked them down from an automatic semi-final berth.

FURIA have remained one of the most dominant teams throughout the online era, especially within North America, alongside the likes of Evil Geniuses.

FURIA have dominated this matchup previously, with the three-headed monster of KSCERATO, arT, and HEN1 looking to pick up another win in this rivalry.

For Team Liquid, they amassed an identical 4-1 record over in Group B, although their loss was to a much higher tiered opponent in 100 Thieves, who have put in a wonderful closing performance after their organization announce a departure from CS:GO.

The issue for Liquid is that without a star AWPer they have struggled to match the pace of FURIA in the past, so Stewie2k will need to have a strong showing as he develops his play as both the AWPer and in-game leader.

Much of the success during the Group Stage came from the likes of EliGE, with this lineup still being arguably a top two lineup in terms of skill in the entire world.

This match is all about Liquid proving they can beat their kryptonite, and perhaps the New England Whalers gave them some potential areas to exploit against FURIA.

Elsewhere in the IEM XV - New York Online: North America competition, Team Spirit are 1/2 to come out on top in Thursday's match-up with Nemiga, who are a 6/5 chance.

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