G2 and DAMWON clash for spot in Worlds Finals

23 October 2020 03:49:45 GMTPlus11

After each disposing of their Quarterfinal opposition in a 3-0 sweep, the LEC's G2 Esports take on the LCK's DAMWON Gaming for the Semifinals of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship.

G2 came in as a bit of an unknown to the playoffs, finishing at 4-2 but showing the capability to essentially beat anyone or be beaten by anyone on their path here. However, the Quarterfinals were a different story, as an inspired G2 absolutely clobbered the LCK's third seed in Gen.G.

Mid laner Caps had an absolutely brilliant showing, especially on Sylas, routinely outplaying the competition and showing just how solid his champion pool continues to be.

What goes under the radar due to the performance of Caps was the exquisite play of Support Mikyx, who performed well on both an engage style champion in Pantheon while also dominating on defense with Tahm Kench. G2 have continued to show out against Korean squads, with this being the ultimate test.

DAMWON have continued their absolute dominance of Worlds 2020, sweeping DragonX and having only one loss to JDG on their resume thus far. DAMWON are the most consistent and well-rounded team at this event, with even the expected weak point of the team in the bottom side having star performances as Ghost and BeryL dominated DragonX's Deft and Keria.

DAMWON are a juggernaut with absurdly talented players in every role, setting up an incredible solo lane battle as Nuguri and ShowMaker match up versus Wunder and Caps.

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