G2 and FURIA in highly anticipated bout for BLAST Fall

28 October 2020 04:04:53 GMTPlus11

With rumors of potential changes, G2 Esports forge on against one of the top sides from the Americas in FURIA Esports for Group C at the BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Regular Season.

There are continued rumors about the potential of G2 Esports picking up FaZe Clan star NiKo, potentially in place of either JaCkz or AmaNEk.

G2 are already one of the strongest teams in the online era, but securing NiKo would be an absolute homerun move to try and make this squad the best in the world.

No matter the potential of this signing, two of the key players for G2 remain the one-two punch of nexa and huNter, who have thrived ever since joining this roster back in September of last year. This is one of the most anticipated opening bouts of BLAST, with G2 having something to prove no matter what their roster line up is.

On the side of FURIA they have arguably been the best North American side throughout the online era, with their three-headed monster of arT, HEN1, and KSCERATO decimating the NA scene.

This squad has continued to have absurd consistency despite their incredibly aggressive playstyle, headlined by the aforementioned arT.

However, during previous runs of form FURIA have struggled against European competition, and while this remains an online event, there is no question that G2 is some of the stiffest competition FURIA will have played in months, alongside EG and Team Liquid.

This is the type of match that could catapult FURIA forward with a surge of momentum, or halt them right in their tracks before they get anything going.

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