G2 enter Worlds Playoffs as massive wildcard

13 October 2020 22:35:39 GMTPlus11

After up and down performances within the Group Stage, G2 Esports are one of the largest unknowns entering the Quarterfinals as they take on Gen.G at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship.

G2 ended up with the second seed from Group A after falling to Suning in back to back matches including a tiebreaker.

This squad has long struggled against LPL sides so this is little surprise, but overall G2 looked solid outside of their loss to Team Liquid, which had a rather poor draft to blame.

The solo lanes of Wunder and Caps have been dominant and given the top lane is generally the weakest link for Gen.G, Wunder will have the vast majority of the pressure to carry here.

For Gen.G they amassed a 5-1 record throughout Group C play with their lone loss at the hands of Fnatic.

Mid laner Bdd has had an uncharacteristically shaky showing so far at Worlds, with his high mechanical skill still showing out with the occasional star showing such as his game clinching Azir shuffle.

Ruler is the primary carry of this team as one of the strongest Bottom laners in this tournament setting up an incredibly important 2v2 along with Life up against Perkz and Mikyx.

This is arguably the most difficult of the four Quarterfinals to judge, given G2 Esports' ability to phase between Jekyll and Hyde even during a single best of series. Mikyx is the x-factor of this series, as one of the most underrated performers at Worlds 2020 thus far.

G2 are 3/10 to win next time out on Thursday, with rivals Endpoint 12/5.

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