G2 seek revenge on Team Liquid

08 October 2020 04:22:17 GMTPlus11

After falling to a 2-1 mark, the LEC's G2 Esports are seeking revenge against the LCS' Team Liquid as they battle in Group A play and the second round robin of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship Main Event.

G2 picked up their only loss of the Group Stage at the hands of Team Liquid in what many view as a result of a poor draft. Relying too heavily on an early game focus, G2 Esports left little room for error and failed to play to their own strengths.

The good news for G2 is that both Wunder and Mikyx have been on an absolute tear, with the latter in Mikyx showing out on Bard, Tahm Kench, and Alistar thus far.

The question for G2 becomes whether or not Caps and Perkz can get back to their incredible dominant form, which was the cornerstone of their previous success.

For Team Liquid this is a massive matchup, with a chance to secure both a tie in the standings plus the tiebreaker edge on G2 Esports. North American teams have been notoriously poor during the second round robin, with Liquid looking to break that streak with the incredible play that has come out of both Jensen and CoreJJ in particular.

Tactical has also done well given he is a rookie to this type of stage, and with his Twitch commonly forcing a ban away from the opposition, Team Liquid will be fresh and motivated to prove they belong in the playoffs.

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