LPL clash in Quarterfinals as Suning face JDG

16 October 2020 04:33:25 GMTPlus11

After claiming the first seed from Group A, Suning still have a lot to prove as they enter into an LPL bout versus JD Gaming for the Quarterfinals of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship.

Suning only just managed the number one seed from Group A, needing a tiebreaker to best G2 Esports.

Overall this Worlds performance has been about as expected for Suning, showing a decent ceiling but also at times falling to weaker teams such as Team Liquid.

Despite the up and down performances Jungler SofM has been absolutely dominant, with his farm centric style of jungling being the core that Suning is based around. This is a chance for Suning to prove they are one of the teams to beat at this event.

JDG were able to show they could take down the likes of DAMWON Gaming, reestablishing themselves as one of the favorites of the tournament.

The entirety of this squad has been excellent thus far, with Kanavi being yet another strong Jungler for the LPL.

Loken and LvMao have flown under the radar as one of the better bot lanes thus far at worlds, with a chance for Zoom and Yagao to play more carry oriented champions with the crowd control typically fulfilled from the bottom side of the map.

Going out here would be a massive disappointment for this squad so all the pressure is on JDG to not only perform, but to do so rather cleanly.

Suning areĀ 13/8 to win Friday's match-up, with JD Gaming 4/9.

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