OG and Sprout duke it out for seventh place at DreamHack Fall

23 October 2020 21:08:50 GMTPlus11

Each not quite having the showing they were looking for, OG and Sprout face off in a clash for seventh place for the DreamHack Open Fall 2020.

OG have been one of the teams on the rise throughout the online era, coming together as a squad and having some solid deep runs in a handful of events.

OG ended up going 1-2 in a rather stacked Group A before defeating G2 Esports and losing to the Ninjas In Pyjamas to find themselves here.

This mixed squad is still rather impressive from top to bottom, with valde, NBK, and Aleksib being the headliners.

Sprout is the type of team that OG is expected to beat given their run of form, but given it's just a match for seventh place during an online era, anything could happen.

Sprout also ended up going 1-2 in their Group D play, taking down the Ninjas In Pyjamas before besting GODSENT in the Lower Bracket before falling to Heroic whom continue to thrive.

Sprout is no longer purely a German organization with the introduction of two Polish players in snatchie and dycha, with the former previously joining the Virtus.pro organization.

Dycha and faveN have been arguably the best performers for this squad thus far, but snatchie has the ability to affect the game in a different way as the primary AWPer as he looks to match up against one of the young guns of OG in mantuu, who is also Polish.

OG are 8/13 to win and 6/5 to lose to Sprout.

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