Team SoloMid enter last chance saloon against Fnatic

09 October 2020 04:10:48 GMTPlus11

After dropping all three of their matches in the opening Round Robin, TSM are facing a must-win scenario as they match up against Fnatic for Group C play at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship.

Team SoloMid are in a rough spot, having to buck the trend of poor Week Two performances from North America while also being in a group with three teams that sit at 2-1 with Fnatic, Gen.G, and LGD.

TSM have attempted multiple styles of approach, but nothing has been successful thus far despite some decent play coming out of both Bjergsen and Spica as expected.

Biofrost has been completely underwhelming so there is a chance Treatz could end up seeing play in this second half of the Group Stage.

Much of the pressure falls on Doublelift to step up his game up against another long-tenured Bottom laner in Rekkles. The good news for TSM is that it is unlikely they can make a draft as poor as the one they had the first time they faced off against Fnatic.

For Fnatic they are flying high off a victory over Gen.G to pick up their second win of the group.

Selfmade finally found some success on Graves, and with Nemesis looking solid thus far after concerns coming in, Fnatic now have a real shot to make an impact.

Bwipo has been at times up and down in the top side but he has shown the ability to play a wide variety of champions and suit the needs of the team as a whole.

The largest question for Fnatic remains Support Hylissang who typically makes quality roams to the mid lane in the early portion of the game even while he does have a tendency for multiple odd deaths.

Team SoloMid areĀ 2/1 to pick up the crucial win while Fnatic are 4/11.

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