Top and Suning battle in LPL bout with Worlds Finals on the line

19 October 2020 02:31:11 GMTPlus11

Each with varying success thus far, Top Esports face off against fellow LPL side in Suning for the Semifinals of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship.

Top Esports came in as one of the tournament favorites, taking home the number one seed from the LPL, the region that has won the two most recent World Championships.

After a solid Group Stage, Top Esports faced a dangerous Fnatic side in the quarter-finals and it took a reverse sweep for Top Esports to narrowly take the 3-2 win. Mid laner Knight was his usual dominant self, with both 369 and Karsa also having their time in the light. However, there is a massive concern for the bottom side of the map, with JackeyLove and yuyanjia being outclassed by Rekkles and Hylissang for most of the series.

This match is an opportunity for Top to clean up their sloppy play before a potential showing in the Finals.

On the side of Suning they have already taken out a fellow LPL side by defeating JDG 3-1 in the quarters. Jungler SofM has finally been able to show his talents on the Worlds stage, but it was primarily about Bottom lane huanfeng, who was absurdly dominant throughout.

This sets up a potential mismatch similar to the Fnatic series, so Suning have a chance to potentially find the edge early on.

Angel will certainly be put to the test up against Knight, but Suning have all the confidence in the world after already pulling off one LPL upset.

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