Top look to continue undefeated Group Stage

11 October 2020 03:59:53 GMTPlus11

After a dominant 3-0 opening round robin, Top Esports will aim to keep their momentum in the second round robin as they face Unicorns of Love for Group D Play at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship Main Event.

For Top Esports they have been strong all Group Stage long, coming in as one of the top title contenders and winning all three matches thus far.

While bringing out some unique picks against DragonX, the general plan for Top has been consistent with the top side of 369, Karsa, and knight being incredibly dominant on many standard picks. JackeyLove has also found some star form, and overall this LPL powerhouse has a real chance to be undefeated entering the playoffs.

For the Unicorns of Love they have struggled after being one of the better looking teams from the Play In Stage. This is a team known for their off meta picks and given this is such a tough matchup, one would imagine they look to pull a rabbit out of their hat here. Gadget has been the star of this squad with his Twitch play in particular drawing bans in multiple matchups given his dominance on that pick.

Gadget is also an incredibly versatile player, playing both Karthus and Orianna in the bottom side, something no one else is doing at the Worlds Stage.

This match means everything for the Unicorns as they look to at the very least pick up a win during the Main Event.

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