Vitality hope to keep roll going entering DreamHack Playoffs

20 October 2020 04:24:34 GMTPlus11

After an undefeated showing in Group A play, Team Vitality have a golden opportunity to keep their momentum going as they face the Ninjas In Pyjamas in the first round of the Upper Bracket for DreamHack Open Fall 2020.

For Team Vitality they dominated Group A with a 2-0 over mousesports followed by a 2-1 over Fnatic in the Winner's Match to find themselves here.

Despite what was initially thought of as a poor move to swap over to apEX as the in-game leader, the team has continued to perform well throughout the online era with this more aggressive style approach.

Obviously much of the team is still based around the high flying plays of superstar ZywOo, who single handedly carried Vitality through versus Fnatic with an absolutely absurd +39 rating when the next highest on his squad was RpK at -1.

Typically one star is not enough to go deep in a playoff, but with ZywOo in this kind of form, anything is possible.

On the side of the Ninjas In Pyjamas they had an up and down Group D showing, losing to Sprout in the opener before back to back wins over ENCE and Sprout to find themselves into the Upper Bracket.

Nawwk has continued to shine as the primary AWPer of this squad, with arguably more talented players in twist and REZ taking a back seat to his solid run of form.

A win here would erase the Group Stage showing in many experts' eyes, with the chance for hampus and crew to show just what they can do against a top flight squad.

Team Vitality areĀ 4/11 to win the match-up, with Ninjas In Pyjamas 2/1.

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