Hayne pushed hard on first day back

04 January 2018 22:12:59 GMTPlus11

Parramatta Eels are wasting no time getting Jarryd Hayne into shape ahead of his first season back with the club.

Hayne re-signed with Brad Arthur's team a month ago, having played 176 games for the Eels during his first spell that ended in 2014.

He had a 23-game spell with Gold Coast after returning to the NRL two years ago, but has been welcomed back to a Parramatta club that he regards as boasting more talent than when he left.

Arthur and his staff drove the new recruit hard on the opening day of pre-season on Wednesday.

"We flogged him; he did four sessions today," said the coach. "That's a pretty good start - the other returning boys did just three.”

Hayne was put through a time trial, some weights, contact work and then cardio on the bike to finish off on his first day back.

"He has some work to do, but the thing about Jarryd is that he's not an endurance athlete, he's a power athlete," said Arthur. "He has blended straight in and is around people who he cares about and actually care about him.”

Hayne says he's come back to the Eels aiming to win a premiership, and feels he's joined a team with plenty of superstar qualities.

"I probably haven't seen a Parra team with this much talent in it from one to 17; we're all striving for positions," he added. "There are probably half a dozen that are locked in but the rest of us are just grinding away and doing our best to put our best foot forward.”

Parramatta are 5001.00 to win the grand final.

The Eels are 1213.00 to finish in the top eight.

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