Titans coach praises Hurrell work ethic

11 January 2018 23:33:24 GMTPlus11

Gold Coast coach Garth Brennan is impressed by the work ethic Konrad Hurrell has shown as he prepares for the new NRL season.

Hurrell didn't take to his couch on his break after the Rugby League World Cup, where he played for Tonga.

Instead while visiting his parents in Auckland for Christmas he started his fitness program by running up the city's hills. Then when he returned to Australia he took on the 100-plus stairs up the hill near Currumbin Beach, showing his desire to leave no stone unturned in his quest to play more games in the regular season than he has in recent years.

Brennan said: "Koni has come back in really good shape after doing those stairs and hills by himself in the break and that is really exciting for us. He did so much that he even aggravated a bit of a calf muscle [injury], although nothing serious.

"But it is great that he has been doing the work and ticking himself over to come back in such good shape. He did extras at training [on Tuesday] by his own choice and is working his butt off."

Brennan says he's been a fan of the 26-year-old centre since seeing him in action for the Warriors' under-20 side.

"He is one of the players I am very excited about having in my team ... players love him and he is a handful," added the coach. "He has got a bit of work to do defensively and we will keep working with him on that."

Gold Coast are 5001.00 to win the grand final.

The Titans are 1213.00 to finish in the to eight.

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