Crimson Tide make the playoffs

04 December 2017 19:11:02 GMTPlus11

The Alabama Crimson Tide joined the Clemson Tigers, Oklahoma Sooners and Georgia Bulldogs in the College Football Playoff after the committee overlooked the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Ranked first in the nation by the Associated Press in the Preseason Top 25, the Tide did not relinquish that place atop the standings until losing to Auburn in the Iron Bowl.

The defeat also gave the SEC West Division title to the Tigers who moved on to play Georgia in the SEC title game in a rematch of their regular season clash.

Alabama, 2.80 win the NCAAF Championship, could only sit and watch knowing that their strength of schedule was weak, but the overall reputation of Nick Saban and the Tide was a potential counter-balance.

The latter turned out to be the case as Alabama was selected ahead of Ohio State and USC, the Big Ten and Pac-12 Conference champions. Ultimately it came down to a blowout defeat in each case.

The Iowa Hawkeyes crushed the Buckeyes and the Trojans were steamrolled by Notre Dame as they put together 10-2 records while the Tide had the single defeat in the Iron Bowl.

Auburn somehow finished seventh in the College Football Playoff Rankings, behind Ohio State and Wisconsin in fifth and sixth respectively.

The bottom line is that the Tigers had three losses on the season, but if the criteria is who are the Top Four teams at the end of the year it's hard to overlook an Auburn side that beat two of the four that made the Playoff in Alabama and Georgia and lost by only eight points to a third, Clemson, in a non-conference match up earlier in the campaign.

Oklahoma are 4.50 to win the NCAAF Championship, Clemson are 3.25.

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