Give us a Grand Slam Giggle at the Aussie Open!

27 January 2013 06:02:42 GMTPlus11

The Australian Open is upon us & we fancy a bit of fun to mark the first Grand Slam of 2013! Just put a funny caption to the image above...

The Grand Slam Giggle caption competition will be open to all our followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook & Google+.

We'll publish the funniest & most creative captions across each Social Media channel and on this page, so get involved & give us a giggle!

That's not all! We'll have Live Streaming on offer throughout the tournament, so you can add to the In-Play excitement and watch matches live at bet365.

Previous Winners

" I cant believe you wore them! I told you I was wearing the blue stripey tie!" Well done to Kate Boxell who gave us this Grand Slam Giggle on our Facebook page!
Well done, once again, to Twitter follower @samj0606 who captured what David Ferrer was up to with the caption - "That base line was definitely here somewhere!!"
"Novak, we need to break his serve! Go to plan B!" - a quality caption from @samj0606 via Twitter.
Well done @littlejason who gave us a #GrandSlamGiggle with "that's the last time I allow my sponsors to book me a nose job!"
"Stick to tennis Serena, leave the electrics to the experts!" - Well done Gareth Jones, who gave us a #GrandSlamGiggle on our Facebook page!
'"I still can't get the hang of this Mobot lark!" - Well done @vegimon, who came up with our favourite caption for this peculiar image of Roger Federer
Well done to @thaundadawg on Twitter for his #GrandSlamGiggle sing-a-long caption- (To the tune of Mandy) "Oh Andy, for you came and you gave your big serve-y, you'll volley away till Thursday..."

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