NFL - US Sports: McDaniel content with Dolphins' competition

22 May 2022 21:49:16 GMTPlus10
McDaniel says Miami's competition is healthy

Miami head coach Mike McDaniel says none of the Dolphins' running backs are afraid of the in-house competition to be the team's number one with former San Francisco 49ers' postseason star Raheem Mostert expecting to play in Week 1.

The Fins, 18/1 to win the AFC Championship, have boosted their rushing options with the additions of former Arizona Cardinals running back Chase Edmonds, ex-Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots star Sony Michel and Mostert, who racked up 220 yards and four TDs in the 2019 NFC title game.

Recruitment drive

Miami's recruitment drive was needed to fix a dysfunctional running attack that ranked dead last, 22nd and 30th in the league for rushing yards in 2019, 2020 and 2021, respectively.

And McDaniel is excited about the options, which also include fourth-year pro Myles Gaskin, and each one's desire to be the top dog in the Dolphins' backfield.

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"I think one thing that's unique about that particular room is no one shies away from competition," McDaniel said this week, via team transcript.

"Everybody in there is excited for the offense, for the opportunities and wants the best man to win and aren't backing away from that."

McDaniel is most familiar with Mostert, however, as he was San Francisco's run game coordinator when the 30-year-old rose to prominence with that stellar postseason outing against the Green Bay Packers.

No rush

But coming off two injury-hit seasons, the last of which consisted of just one regular season appearance before a cartilage injury required surgery and forced him to miss the final 16 games - and the playoffs, Mostert will be held back by his coaches to avoid any repeat.

"I know his expectations are to play Week 1 and we are not going to rush it," McDaniel added.

"He's come too far to have a setback, so he's just diligently working day-in and day-out. But when he's ready, he'll be on the field for sure."

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