NHL: Tavares pleased with Leafs development

28 November 2021 20:10:47 GMTPlus10
John Tavares is upbeat about Toronto's progress

After a third straight victory, captain John Tavares says he is pleased with the development that the Toronto Maple Leafs are making.

The Leafs, 10000/1 to win the Stanley Cup in 2021/22, most recently beat the San Jose Sharks 4-1 on Friday, with Tavares registering a goal and an assist and all the action being shown on the Sports Live Streaming platform.

Tavares leading the way

With 20 points (ten goals, ten assists), the 31-year-old centreman has helped the Leafs win eight of their last nine games to take their season record to 15-6-1.

Tavares is in his fourth season with Toronto. In each, the Leafs have qualified for the playoffs but are yet to win a round.

We talk about having an extremely high standard and pushing that level.

John Tavares

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An injury to Tavares hampered the Leafs in last season's playoffs as they gave up a 3-1 first-round lead to lose in game seven to the Montreal Canadiens.

Tavares was initially drafted by the New York Islanders first overall in the 2009 draft. In 891 regular season games he has scored 839 points (374 goals, 465 assists).

In the playoffs, he has contributed 30 points (15 goals, 15 assists) in 37 appearances for the Leafs and Islanders.

Tavares said to the media after the win over San Jose: "I think we're seeing what's giving us success and the type of team we have.

"The way roles are developing and the way the chemistry is kind of building out… we talk about having an extremely high standard and pushing that level. That's really what we want to be about."

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